The artist's work extends beyond creating art; she is passionate about giving back and contributing to the community...

Dr Shanali's commitment to helping others has led her to participate in various initiatives, workshops, and social responsibility activities.

The artist has given numerous talks worldwide, including VIA 2020 Conference, the Vasculitis symposium 2017, #MEDTalks, and MENCAFEP, among others. She has also held various workshops globally and locally, and her work has been featured in several exhibitions worldwide, from Europe to America to Asia. Additionally, the artist's involvement in social responsibility has gained her recognition in both medical and artistic arenas.

Some of her notable collaborations include her work with Jules Bryant on the 'When Skies are Grey' music video production. The artist has also contributed to various publications, with some notable ones being 'Defining Me' in Diverse Voices of Disabled Sexualities in the Global South and 'Define Me' as part of the translating pain anthology organised by the University of Lancashire.

The artist's contributions and involvement in various causes and initiatives showcase her passion for helping the community and giving back. Through her art and voice, she has made a significant impact in creating awareness and helping those who need it the most.

Beautiful digital and acrylic chaos is in the making and the marks that feel like beautiful accidents. I enjoy colour, texture and light across all of these works, but I especially love the figurative pointillistic work and also more recent, elaborate and free compositions. Ever evolving. I see a strong cultural influence, with the use of hot colours, from Sri Lanka perhaps?  

I like to think as well as internal influences there are external ones and find myself searching for it. It’s fair to say the viewing experience is intense and emotional and physical. It makes me search inside myself perhaps it’s questioning. I believe at the core is the human body and molecular forms. Pure fascination.

Zuleika Burnett
Creative Director, UK

I first met Shanali Perera when we worked together on her book. It was then that I discovered what a gifted and special person she is, because Vasculitis makes producing art a physically troublesome task.

The fact that she produces such interesting and stimulating work against all the odds demonstrates not only her admirably gritty attitude but her spiritual and emotional depth. These are the signs of a true artist.

Adam Hay
Designer and Art Director, UK

As the observing witness, you have so beautifully captured the impression of the experience itself. And that bodily experience in all its associated pain (literally) colours the emotions and mind while it does not define the beauty of the observer who watches. The canvas accepts all movement and colour while itself ever remaining neutral, innocent, and unblemished.

And perhaps this is how your beautiful work becomes an exercise in healing of body and mind while allowing the spirit to flower. Your beautiful depictions of experienced pain reveal a completely new insight into your subjective world.

Peter C. Taylor
Norman Collisson Professor of Musculoskeletal Sciences