Artist Process:

"My art moves to embrace imperfection, bringing my inner self out. Let it capture your spirit and heart as you see, hear and feel the rhythm of life."

Artist Statement:

"My painting process is navigated by the sheer emotion I feel. I let my fingers move, free flow, no active thoughts. I offload how I feel onto the canvas using colours to capture that emotion, driven by the flurry of feelings, be it pain, uncertainty, or fatigue that steers my hand. Giving birth to an explosion of colour, I am guided by how the canvas takes shape as opposed to me guiding the canvas. This is truly freeing!

I started with digital art due to limitations in my hand function. On repeated use, they became numb and painful owing to my illness. At that point, using traditional methods to paint was difficult. Digital medium enabled me to create art with minimal physical effort and switch hands. This way, I experienced less pain and fatigue making it the ideal adaptation. As my condition became more stable, I recently started to explore acrylic on canvas. I still can't use a paintbrush consistently; therefore, I throw paints, use palette knives, rags and my hands to discover how the acrylic pouring technique comes to life. With sticks I scratch the wet surface, exposing the complexity of the layers within. This is very exciting. Empowering. I'm having fun with it.

My art is Abstract. Rhythmic. Energetic. My creative response reflects what living with pain, illness looks like, feels like as a bodily experience. The canvases, be it digital, acrylic, or mixed media, are my interpretation as an artist, clinician, and a person living with illness, of these encounters. They form a visual narrative portraying an honest representation of my relationship with illness. The power of colour exposes my invisible world. The work conceptualises expression of movement within and around in its several forms: movement of connecting with ‘what’s hidden under the surface’. By applying abstraction, I question the concept of movement. Colours and movement reveal the interplay between elements of chaos and calm. When figures are present, their posture and positions signify interconnection, support, and collective strength. Textures and layers add a sensory dimension to investigate different interpretations between my audience and I.

Through my art, I continue to search for a deep understanding of the dynamics between illness, identity, connection, and communication. These influences make up the essential elements of composition and symbolism that constitute my work. What inspires me are the ups and downs, adaptations, transitions and uncertainty along my journey. They become necessary ingredients to highlight complexity and vulnerability, to encourage thought and spark conversation.

I create intense personal moments by objectifying emotions. It opens a dialogue with me, revealing a deeper understanding of myself. Empowering me. I want this dialogue to continue with you, the viewer. I want you to pause, taking a moment to Feel, to Connect, to See beyond what meets the eye, to Gravitate towards the inner you. Be moved!"